No successful solar project is created alone.
Utility-scale solar design platform created to accelerate renewable energy deployment by helping people work together better and faster.
Creating a field
Configure PV Layouts
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Photovoltaic modules
A solar developer and a farmer
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Engineer Brendan
Monthly Production
Solesca, your #1 partner for utility-scale success
Optimize your workflow all in one place
Real Time Collaboration
Design in real-time, collaborate over team space, and exchange ideas with geo-commenting. Solesca innovates collaboration and doubles your team's communication efficiency.
Project leads site
Solar Project Design
A powerful solar design tool that provides more value than the competition, like parcel integrations, in-map filters, AI success rate prediction and more - all the while not to compromise its user experience.
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Utility-scale system design
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Real time collaboration
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Energy production optimization
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Agrivoltaic system design
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Report generation
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