Advancing Agrivoltaics
Optimize your next project using agrivoltaics. Reduce land competition, improve permitting times, and make more acres work for PV.
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Increase Leads
Offer landowners and farmers what they want to see: flexibility. By making your services more adaptive and inclusive of the existing land, you can open up a new world of projects that would never have been possible. As a result, reduce the number of non-participating landowners and open your eyes to millions of pristine acres.
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Maximize Revenue
Our software allows you to optimize your site entirely, meaning that you can now get the most value out of the land for both you and the landowner. Find the configuration of agriculture and photovoltaics that makes the most financial sense for everyone.
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Compare Sites
We take the guesswork out of pursuing agrivoltaic projects. Select a parcel of land and our software provides you with all the necessary financial, energy, and crop information for both traditional utility- scale solar and agrivoltaic installations, allowing you to make the best decision for your following project site.
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Streamline Planning
Improve your company's public image and reduce permitting times by helping to ensure the protection of agricultural land. Use our software on an iPad or tablet device for on-site negotiations with farmers and landowners. Be able to shake hands on an initial design in one visit.
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